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Towards facial recognition in online education

By komunikazioak, June 13, 2013

Udima book

Photo by Palaz, under Public Domain. Photo set at Flickr Ikasnabar 13.

Títle: Towards facial recognition in online education
Author: Francisco David Guillén Gámez, Iván García-Magariño & Juan Luis Rubio, Udima
Licence: Design Science Licence (DSL)
Date: July 9,2013
Conference: Ikasnabar 2013, Zalla
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Abstract: The increasing demand of on-line education sector is facing new aspects that need to be solved to make on line training as liable as face to face. One of the critical issues to consider  is the possibility that the students could make exams or test at home avoiding identity impersonation. There are some approaches to the problem of  face recognition from the technological point of view but we consider to analize a new perspective that is recognizing the student while being in front of his computer. The research includes different aspects to be considered: psicological analysis, technological aspects, educational results, emotional indicators and others. In this sense, the global approach aims to answer the main question: how to minimize the error when making a facial recognition being as less intrusive as possible and improving the results of the learning process?

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