MOOCs and Open Higher Education: the case of UNED

By komunikazioak, June 14, 2013


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Títle: MOOCs and open higher education: the case of UNED
Author: Tim Read & Elena Bárcena, UNED
Licence: Design Science Licence (DSL)
Date: July 9,2013
Conference: Ikasnabar 2013, Zalla
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Abstract: in this paper the UNED MOOC initiative is presented. This initiative was undertaken in an institution with over forty years experience of undertaking different initiatives in open educational resources and related practices. In October 2012 the Open UNED (UNED Abierta) programme was started. The decision was taken by the university governing team to make a strategic commitment to include MOOCs in the programme. Since no open source platform was available at the time that was suitable for these courses, in the sense of facilitating the key functionalities required in MOOCs, the OpenMooc platform was developed (which can be downloaded now as a virtual machine image that can be tested, and for full production use shortly, with an Apache 2.0 open source licence). The first edition of twenty MOOCs has been run on this platform with over 170,000 enrolled students. It has received more than 1,100,000 visits, the mean connection time being over 7 minutes. Most of the connections came from within Spain, namely from Madrid, Cataluña and Andalucía. Since February 2013, when the early certification pilots started, over 2800 paid certificates have been awarded to students.

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