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O sucesso dos alunos nos cursos MOOC

By komunikazioak, December 29, 2014

Fotos: Palaz, licença CC by-sa en el álbum Ikasnabar 2014.

Título: O sucesso dos alunos nos cursos MOOC
Autor: João Augusto Ramos e Silva, UPV/EHU, Ronaldo Bernardo Junior, FGV/Ebape, Luciana Mourão.
licença: Design Science Licence (DSL)
Data: 25/VI/2014
Congresso: Ikasnabar 2014, Bilbao
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Abstract: Several studies indicate a high rate of evasion in MOOC (Mackness, Mak & Williams, 2010; Scopeo, 2013; Poy & Gonzales-Aguilar, 2014; Zapata-Ros, 2014), which sets a challenge to academic managers. Poy and Gonzales-Aguiar (2014) comment that these rates reach 75% to 95 %. From the challenges presented is that the proposed question emerges: what are the main factors responsible for this new context dropout of students enrolled in MOOC? Seeking satisfactory answers initially presents a literature review on the MOOC, and after the methodological structure, secondary data on students of success in 170 MOOC, and makes a brief analysis of the key variables that influence the permanence and circumvention of the students. Anyway, the goal is to assess the conclusion rates of students enrolled in the type MOOC, seeking to describe the context and point out the main variables that influence the phenomenon. Thus, we seek to provide support to educational managers, stimulating further discussion, because as envisioned Illich (1985, p 87): “What is needed are new networks, readily available to the general public and developed to give equal opportunity for learning and teaching”

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