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Language and Technology Acquisition among Different Learners: a Personal Experience

By komunikazioak, June 8, 2013

lurra maite behar
Photo: Palaz, under Public Domain.

Title: Language and Technology Acquisition among Different Learners: A Personal Experience
Author: Iñigo Guisasola Zabala
Licence: Design Science Licence (DSL)
Date: July 9, 2013
Conference: Ikasnabar 2013, Zalla
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Abstract: The following pages will be focused on explaining my experience as an English teacher in several types of schools, such as, secondary school, a crash course for the INEM and teaching adults in several EOIs all over the Basque Country. My experience will be focused on the technological demand from both teachers and students and the inconveniences appearing when dealing with digital information and devices. There are two acquisitions equally important in order to achieve a high competence as a teacher in this technology era. Language acquisition and technology acquisition need to go together in the same direction because there is no possibility of understanding the former without the latter. Our role as teachers has changed from being the one deciding what is considered important to be studied and how it should be studied, to a kind of helper who helps to filter all the information available out there. Student and teacher now sit together at the same level being the experience from this one which will help that one. The teacher does not have the answers to everything as the points below will show. There are three basic pillars I am going to get deeper into illustrate the importance and connection between language and technology by means of competence acquisition: Portability, customisation and storage.

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