Designing a MOOC in Iversity to Learn Spanish: A.1.1 MCREL level

By komunikazioak, December 29, 2014


Photos by Palaz, under CC by-sa license. Photo set at Flickr Ikasnabar 2014.

Títle: Designing a MOOC in Iversity to Learn Spanish: A.1.1 MCREL level
Authors: Javier Bravo, UDIMA, M. Purificación Salvi, UDIMA, Aurora Centella, UDIMA, Lara Ruppertz, Iversity
Licence: Design Science Licence (DSL)
Date: June 25,2014
Conference: Ikasnabar 2014, Bilbao
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Abstract: in the last two years there was a rapid development of MOOCs. Apparently MOOCs are in the plateau of their development because their main effort is to find a sustainability model. However this situation is different in Europe, since European countries offers approximately one third of MOOCs around the world. Science and Technology are the most topics addressed in MOOCs. This work reveals that learning languages topic is only present in 2% of European MOOCs. To perform an instructional design of this type of MOOCs is essential. Also, it is presented a comprehensive overview of iversity, and the proposed instructional design. This design divides the MOOC into four phases: presentation, observation, training, and self assessment.

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