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Daily Recreation: De-authoring Knowledge and Connecting Microcontents

By komunikazioak, December 22, 2014


Photo by Palaz, under CC by-sa license. Photo set at Flickr Ikasnabar 2014.

Títle: Daily Recreation: De-authoring Knowledge and Connecting Microcontents
Author: Christine Sagar, University of Alicante
Licence: Design Science Licence (DSL)
Date: June 25,2014
Conference: Ikasnabar 2014, Bilbao
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Abstract: while state-of-the-art MOOCs seem disappointing in their ability to truly enact connectivist learning processes, it is necessary to define the determining conditions in the educational environment that reinforce and optimise current 21st century learning processes. In this article we propose that microcontents are synonymous with the sentences exchanged over Web 2.0 conversations. We determine the role that microcontents have within connectivist theory, and review empirical studies that illustrate how adapting contents to microcontent formats can improve learning processes and create conditions truly adapted to connectivist learning.

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