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A Comprehensive Overview of MOOCs

By komunikazioak, June 9, 2013

Plantilla para webquests

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Títle: A Comprehensive Overview of MOOCs
Authors: M. Purificación Salvi & Javier Bravo, Udima
Licence: Design Science Licence (SDL)
Date: July 9, 2013
Conference: Ikasnabar 2013, Zalla
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Abstract: In the last decade universities have added in their educational structure the e-Learning Systems. ICT have eased the utilization of these systems. While in the past education community put the focus on how to improve the learning process, from 2012 this focus turns into how to reach a massive number of learners. MOOCs allow massive amounts of participants to enroll in a course that it is situated in an open environment and it is available on-line. However, it is argued the difficulty in finding a common definition of MOOCs, since they are developed in different contexts and with distinct purposes. This paper goes into detail about MOOC movement and the main concerns about them. There are two distinct approaches: cMOOCs and xMOOCs. The former is based on connectivism, whilst the latter on conductive theory. Also, five successful developments of MOOCs are briefly analyzed in order to give a whole vision of MOOCs. Every MOOC bears a high rate of enrolment, but also its dropout rates are huge. The paper exhibits an analysis of these rates of the most relevant platforms. On one hand, xMOOCs have caused a high impact. On the other hand, cMOOCs provides a new model of teaching/learning.

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